Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reuters reporters on the ground confirm the fall of Jurf al-Sakhar

After victory in key Iraqi town, time for revenge () {

By = by Ahmed Rasheed and Michael Georgy
Date = Sun Oct 26, 2014


As Iraqi government soldiers and militias savored their victory and were taking photographs of the bodies, mortars fired by Islamic State fighters who had fled to orchards to the west rained down on the town.

The blast hit the militiamen, killing dozens and scattering body parts. Soldiers who moments before were celebrating now screamed out in fear.

"Run to the ditch. Mortars. Mortars," yelled a militiaman. An army officer shouted at local militia leaders, berating them for advancing too fast, before helicopters had wiped out any pockets of resistance.

"OK, let's retreat," one of the militiamen shouted.

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