Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rural America is increasingly dominated by "mentally stunted troglodytes"

This is obviously a very opinionated take on the issue. At some point he calls the Bundy guys "mentally stunted troglodytes". But his obvious bias actually gives more credulence to his personal observations. From our perspective, of particular interest is his admission that the anti-systemic constitutionalism is mainstream in southern Utah and Bundys are only exacerbating a wider slide into radicalism.
By Dallas Hyland (Suindependent) {

Date = Jan 31 2016
Source = The Bundys’ rhetoric widened the divide between rural and mainstream America

It may be my own experience alone, but what I have found, at least here in the southern part of Utah, is that the majority of people’s minds are made up on the matter of public lands. They purport that the lawmakers of our land have been somehow infiltrated by those who seek to pervert the Constitution for their own agenda’s sake, and they will not hear anything to the contrary. In fact, when I offer any refutation to the arguments they present on a local talk radio show, I am more often than not summarily dismissed as a communist bootlicker and even sometimes somewhat threatened for daring to utter out loud such refutations.

In an opinion piece I penned almost two years ago in response to the standoff in Bunkerville, Nev., I wrote:
“I contend, however, that the animosity toward government that exceeds the boundaries of common sense is becoming its own distinct and recognizable movement. Its creed is a loose deference to a nuance of principles only a select few claim to understand; as if, somehow, they channel the founders and understand the law better than the rest of us.”
They may or may not have a point, but it is all but drowned out by this growing sense of radicalism. And its drowning is exacerbated by mentally stunted troglodytes like Cliven, Ammon, and Ryan Bundy who pay lip service to patriotism while taking a stance regarding the future of public lands that represents only a select few groups of people instead of all Americans. }