Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Expectations are running high in Dabiq after Obama said may consider ground troops

President Obama said will give an order to send ground troops in, if ISIS arms itself with nukes.

To be sure, ISIS doesn't appear to have nukes (yet). But, if there is enough motivation, one can always improvise something. Or, at the very least, simulate. And the motivation does exist.

The motivation exists because ISIS is a great believer in the prophesy of Dabiq which predicts a massive end-of-times battle between Romans (interpreted as Westerners) and Muslim armies. ISIS has not only bothered to capture Dabiq. Even the online magazine published by the caliphate is called Dabiq.

Not so long ago a video recorded by ISIS in Dabiq featured ISIS Western fighters challenging the West to visit the place. To their dismay, the invitation went unanswered.

To be sure, Dabiq is a dull Allah forgotten town in northern Syria. Apart from fighting epic end-of-times battles, the opportunities for having fun in Dabiq are limited. This is simply not a place where one would like to get stuck for any period of time. But with Obama now giving them ideas, the ISIS fighters, bored to death in Dabiq, have finally got something to keep the hope going.