Thursday, November 6, 2014

ISIS nasheed: Asad ul Nizali

ISIS nasheed: Asad ul Nizali

Translated by @NizosBlog () {

We are the masters of the battlefield
Tyrants do not impress us
We seek excellence
We are the horsemen of life

We are the conquering men
In this life and the hereafter
We seek to engage in struggle
On all fronts

With Abu Baker we came to engage in battle
Our warrior horesman and Emir

We are fed up with life in the shadows
Among the trembling hearts
We long for the dignified past
And for high heavens

We dedicate our lives and fortunes
To you oh brave defenders of Sham (Greater Syria)
Tell your families to expect good news
Oh Damascus and Hama

Oh lions of Allah
Set sail for the land of Sham and the Euphrates }