Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Syrian rebel commander says has to film every TOW missile

If you ever wondered about the avalanche of TOW videos of the last few months, here you have it.

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Despite President Barack Obama’s strategy, outlined last month, to arm and fund rebels to fight first Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and then the Assad regime, arms supplies remained at a trickle, they said.

Even when they received weapons heavier than rifles, they came encumbered with bureaucracy.

"We decide on the mission that we want to do. Then we apply to operations room for the weapons. If they agree with our military plan, some weapons arrive,” said a commander with the nom de guerre Abu Ahmed.

"If we receive TOW anti-tank missiles, we have to film every time we use one to prove that we haven't sold it on."

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Rebel TOW video

One cameraman films the TOW operator who is accompanied by the second cameraman who films the target and the actual shot. The video is stable which indicates that the first cameraman also uses a fixed camera mounted on a tripod or something.


I should notice that rebels have plenty of reasons to film their TOWs besides the requirement by suppliers. Good videos attract sponsors and recruits. There is an intense competition with rebel brigades trying to outfilm each other.