Friday, November 14, 2014

The Cookie Cutter Shark meets the Middle East

The vile creature in my profile pic is the cookie cutter shark.

It's a very small shark actually.

In case you wonder what the cookie cutter shark has to do with Broken Crescent... Well, it's a very nasty creature actually. Being small doesn't mean the cookie cutter is not a predator. It is!

Cookie cutters attack everything including bigger sharks, seals, whales, dolphins... Occasionally even human divers are on the cookie cutter's menu.

Thought that Orcas are the monarchs of the seas? Think again. Orcas are on the menu too.  Basically all cetaceans are.

This is why I feel that the cookie cutter somehow belongs to the Middle East. The relationship between the cookie cutter and its environment reminds somewhat of the special role the Middle East plays in the world. It's something that doesn't totally kill you, but is still nasty enough to poison lives of everybody around.